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Digital Arthritis Rehabilitation

Digital Physiotherapy to manage all stages of Osteoarthritis.
Available to Everyone. Anytime. 

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 Peak Medical

Peak Medical revolutionises home healthcare for people with Arthritis. Our mission? Bring clinical-grade digital care to your doorstep, overcoming financial barriers or for people preferring a home-based service. Meet BIBO, our groundbreaking digital medical software, offering comprehensive care for pre and post-operative joint surgery and for long-term use.  Exclusively through our partners, available to the public. 

Our Solution

Peak Medical introduces BIBO, short for Better In Better Out, a revolutionary solution that brings affordable, accessible, and personalised physiotherapy directly to your home.


Its time for your Morning Exercises

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Analyisng Your Movements, Providing Clinical Guidance. All through your phone. Without the Physiotherapist.

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For Patients

If you're interested in participating in our
program please contact Peak Medical to discuss your needs.

Features of BIBO

Peak Medical and BIBO provides a wide range of features that help in pre-surgery preparation, such as analysing movements, providing feedback, and optimising readiness for surgery. We are also proud to bring you our Long Term Care Program, for use to manage your Osteoarthritis from home. With BIBO, you can rest assured that you are getting the best care possible.

Personalised Plans for Surgery or Long Term care

Our app provides personalised pre-surgery plans and long term care plans, tailored to your specific needs, goals and ability. 

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Real-time Progress Tracking using AI

Our app tracks your progress in real-time, using latest computer vision technology that detects issues and helps to correct these for quality movement from home.

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Surgery Support

Preparing your expectations of the surgery, and letting you know whats ahead, are all ways BIBO prepares you for the big day; Surgery.


Clinical Guidance

Our app provides expert clinical guidance to help you optimise your condition


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