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Peak Medical introduces BIBO, a revolutionary solution that brings affordable, accessible, and personalised digital physiotherapy directly to your home.

Our Solution

BIBO, stands for short for Better In Better Out, a revolutionary solution that brings affordable, accessible, and personalised physiotherapy directly to your home.


Its time for your Morning Exercises

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Squat Exercise



Weekly Average

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Analyisng Your Movements, Providing Clinical Guidance. All through your phone. Without the Physiotherapist.

Range of Motion

Knee Flexion

Knee Extension



Knee Flexion​


BIBO offers the follows features for enhanced usage


Immediate Feedback, Real-time processing - And Real time Clinical guidance, from home


EDGE Processing for increased security and Reduced Latency


Enhanced Workout Experience,Engagement due to our Computer Vision 


Taylored programs to stage of condition and individual


Dashboard giving providers data insights from the home user, to provide best place care to people

How it works

BIBO is designed to provide Clinical-Grade Rehabilitation, at home, to people living with mild to severe Osteoarthritis 

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Physical Care

Peak brings physical therapy home, enhancing strength and mobility pre and post-surgery. Utilizing computer vision, it provides daily supervised care for optimal preparation and recovery, ensuring comprehensive support for all.

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Psychosocial Care

Peak extends mental healthcare into the home from day 1, connecting individuals to community, care teams, and AI for support, education, and monitoring. It alleviates fear and anxiety, promoting well-being pre and post-surgery.

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Using BIBO

From Home to Hospital to Home. Peaks Technology extends the in-clinic experience into the home. Our technology enables a low cost, unlimited value care solution, via Health Providers. To help improve peoples health experience and outcomes.

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Whole person care

At Peak Medical, we call it whole person care. To prepare and recover the best, evidence says people need to look after both their body and mind. The whole person. With Peak you are without the worry of limited care sessions or high cost of healthcare

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